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  1. I actually tried that. (This is for Don't Starve Together) I know there's a way to layer the animations in game, as well as a way to replace parts of the animation of another animation (eg. Replacing a tent and empty basket with a tent and basket full of food, while the tent's flaps continue to sway in the wind.) Unfortunately all of my attempts to do this so far have unexpectedly failed, and the last failure was so intense the whole file seemed to break and I needed to revert an hour's worth of work. Honestly I have no idea what happened, almost certainly my own fault, but thank Goodness
  2. Ah, ok, I think I understand. Being able to animate a scene as you call it, would certainly be helpful. I was hoping that I could take this original animation that has lots of key frames, and add my simple animation directly to it, with only a few key frames. Until Spriter 2 comes out I guess I'm doing this the hard way! Phew!
  3. Perhaps I'm blind, but I don't see an option to 'copy the z-order across the entire animation.' I can paste to all key frames, but that's about it. Also I'm sorry, I'll try to describe it better. I have an animation of a tent with a lot of key frames, used to make the tent sway as the player sleeps. I wanted to add a lantern outside of the tent that sways just a little in a soft breeze. It should be very easy to animate, using only a few key frames. The problem is, it seems like I need to animate the lantern for each existing key frame, which is considerably harder.
  4. I don't want to go digging up old posts, but did this ever happen? I'm editing a file now, and for some reason it has dozens of keyframes, and am trying to avoid the rather arduous task of editing Every frame individually. Honestly I'm a little surprised I can't simply create a second list of keyframes, so I can just edit a single images basic animation, while all the others remain finely detailed.
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