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  1. Sorry, I was referring to this post at the very end of the thread, you provided a DropBox link to download what I assume is the documentation page he couldn't reach: I have tried Chromium Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Chrome in incognito, and also Safari on my iPad. None of them make a difference. Clearing browsing data on Chrome also doesn't work. Could it be the fact that I'm a new user? Yes, regardless of browser.
  2. Sorry for late response, I can only post once a day. This is what the documentation leads to on my screen: Also your post looks like this to me: EDIT: I've just noticed that the same issue popped up in the Construct 2 topic. Is there a similar DropBox link for the Construct 3 documentation? Is the C2 documentation close enough that I can just use that instead?
  3. The documentation link on this page leads to a page that doesn't exist. Is there a new place where I can find details on how to use this plugin? Specifically I'm trying to figure out how to use animation blending.
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