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  1. Oops. .. sorry. After you select a Bone/Object on canvas, right click & choose “copy selected item property to all frames”, then there are “relative z-order” & “absolute z-order”. 【1】What is the difference between “relative z-order” & “absolute z-order”? 【2】Also, is there any tutorial which mentions “relative z-order”?
  2. 【1】What is the difference between “relative z-order” & “absolute z-order”? 【2】Also, is there any tutorial which mentions “relative z-order”? Thanks in advance m( _ _ )m
  3. Hi. How do you select multiple/all Key? (other than holding CTRL and clicking them one by one) When your Timeline has 40~60+ Keys, clicking them one by one could be tedious. (Especially if you have to repeat this process several times, for adjustment/fine-tuning purpose) Do we have anything like . . . - CTRL+Shift+A to select all Key - hold CTRL then drag a box in Timeline
  4. 【You could then copy the scaled frames back into the original animation if you want one animation to have the character actually enlarge over time. 】 I tried it. It works. *thumbs up* But this method doesn’t seem very convenient or versatile. Especially if your rigged character enlarge and shrink multiple times throughout the animation. ========================================= 【a video or series of images explaining the exact effect you want to do】 All I want is to simply scale my rigged character. https://imgur.com/a/O4ca1Qo img 1 = I try to find/use some intuitive and easy method to scale the rigged character. I think, clicking or dragging something should do it, okay, let me drag the greatgrandParent Bone. Ugh, it failed, things don’t work like what I expect. img 2 = Now I have to rely the easiest methods among all methods I know. Set every single child bone’s scale inheritance (yes, the next I open Spriter I have to do this all over again) img 3 = Finally, I can scale the rigged character by just simply dragging something. This is what I want. This is also how you scale things in most software, right? Simply drag as you see fit. Now I must not close the Spriter no matter what happens. . . . . . (υ´Д`)
  5. Thx again for the reply, it does work. I see, pretty cool stuff & smart feature. However... this solution poses 2 new problems: 1) The inheritance state will be reset the next time you open Spriter. 2) if my rigged character consists of a lot of Child Bones, I have to click every single bone. A steam user seems having the same problem. Combining problem 1 & 2, if I want to scale my rigged character, I have to do click every single bone every time I open Spriter. (┳◇┳)
  6. Thanks for the reply. Sorry for not mentioning Spriter version and OS version. I thought it was not a bug, and I was just doing things wrong. I’m using the latest build of Spriter, with Windows 7. So, will this bug be fixed in future? I find it troublesome unable to scale the rigged character easily. (due to this bug) Yes, the xy scale Object properties method works, but it is far more inconvenient, especially if you have to scale very frequently.
  7. Supposedly, when you scale a Parent Bone, its Child Segment (Child Bone & Child Object) should scale along with it. In the gif shown, the Child Bone/Object is not scaled at not. Why can’t I get it to work? Did I do something wrong?
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