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    Cherezyuk got a reaction from Mike at BrashMonkey in Forgotten - 2D game in the setting of ancient Russia.   
    This game will let to you to feel in ancient fantastic Russia. But you should not think that here everything is fine. You are waited by a set of adventures and difficult decisions. Depending on your choice, will depend as you finish that game, the Kind hero or darkness will get into your heart. 
    It is a little about a game.
    Game is the 2D narration in style of ancient Russia. In it you should make the choice: 
    - Life at the hero only one and from it should be chosen more carefully. After the death of the hero you begin a game from the very beginning.
    - How do you arrive, will help or will pass by?! But it is worth remembering, possibly it is a trap.
    - A game pokhodovy and each course is set off as one lived day.
    - The main subject line will pass in big cities and their vicinities.
    - Movement between the cities is carried out on means - to Open the world map - to Press the city, available to movement.
    - The way looks so. Let's say the road takes 3 days, at this distance (between the cities) 10-15 options of succession of events are prepared and these 3 options (day) drop out randomly (a cube throw).
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