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  1. Hello, this is my new notes: 1. After i can access level 3, another level (level 4 & 5) are also opened. So, I can also play at level 4 & 5 without firstly finishing level 3. 2. The jumping time is too long. It feel that the character floating for a long time at the air, so for my point of view that is rather boring I have question regarding of collision. How to deal with the collision between the character & enemy? Are you using Spriter Hit box from Spriter Editor than import it at Construct 2? OR you are using a brand new C2 Sprite Object from Construc
  2. Sorry i dont know how to make a screen recording.. can you recommend what software that should be used? But you can reproduce with these steps: 1. After the game already on the level, then press "Space" keyboard button, the game will paused. 2. Click the RESUME button on the screen with Mouse to continue the game. 3. Then Move the character with LEFT & RIGHT Keyboard button. You will see that the animation freezing. Btw, i cannot find which keyboard button to make the character Jump. I can only move forward & backward.
  3. Hello, I cannot control the character with my Keyboard. I need to touch buttons which appears on the screen to control the character. Sometimes the animation of character does not play. shows only static image. I am using PC & Mouse, Windows 10 OS, Chrome Browser. Thanks..
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