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  1. Hi Mike, can I ask if it's the sizing which is the issue, why several of the animations export fine, and not the specific ones I was having the issue with, given it's the same entity involved? I've resorted to sprite sheets because I'm exporting to unity, and the current exporter provided on the forums here doesn't handle different curves, so any keyframes which are one frame apart kind of blow out.
  2. Sending now. While the native size is large on the current one (2000x~2000), I'm exporting at reduced size everytime, usually at 20%. Exporting as individual images works with the settings above, tested just then. The problem only occurs with spritesheets it seems.
  3. I'm having a real hard time with spriter, I setup my animations for export as spritesheets as below, it performs the export operation, but does not save the file. Some export, some do not on repeat and no error or notice of this is given. I've restarted the program, changed the frame rate, the export size everything and I don't know WHY it isn't exporting. Please help.
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