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  1. Hello, I just got introduced to Spriter today. I have a set of animations under a .scml file and would like to export them to a TexturePacker file to then be able to use them on Phaser. My intuition tells me there must be a way to export all sprites onto a sprite sheet, and Sprite will generate a json file with animation coordinates that can then be called on Phaser. The thing is, I just cant find a way to do that as nothing happens when I use the Generate Texture Packer Spritesheet option under "File". When I say "nothing" I mean Sprite only generates a .tps file just as if I had
  2. Hello, I just bought a Pro license to export projects to TexturePacker (I also have a Pro license for this product). I'm using a Mac but when I try to export I get the following message : TexturePacker was not found in the default location. Please locate TexturePacker.exe Help please !
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