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  1. yes, I am using the same bones, what's wierd is when I was learning the character worked fine, all the images would swap at the same time so it worked well, but then I made a new spriter file after I had learned the ins and outs and now even the basic of things are messing up.its like the chest piece flies off even when its swapping from "run" to "walk" when they are both the side view with the same bones and Image sets....
  2. bump still having issues with model breaking apart unpon animation changing.] within C2
  3. 'm just wondering what is the most effective way to start the next animation for the spriter File. I have a character that has a 360 view. So if my Idle is 3/4 view and my Walk is Side view, do I Copy and paste a frame from the 3/4 Idle and do Image swap to start the new side view walk, or do I clone and Delete unused frames to do this. obviously I assume the same thing would be done for each animation afterwards moving forward. The reason Im asking is I want to take advantage of C2's Blending modes. I set my spriter file up by first making the model views, and then cloning that key frame for what ever view I wanted the animation to use. Now however, I am running into the model glitching when attempting to blend animations in C2, like the torso flys off and reappears during the blend. I've seen where it's stated you should use the same bones between views/animations so this doesn't happen. So my question is basically How do I assure each animation is using the same bones when I'm making a new one. Also while on this note, is there anything specific to do if say a different view uses more or less bones? is deleting one from a copy and pasted or cloned skeleton ok to do? Thank you.
  4. So I'm finishing up my player model and soon starting enemies, I plan to make the game with Construct 2. I'm wondering what the best way to have enemies made with spriter as well as the player character interacting. I come up with a few different ways of doing this but Im not sure which will be the best/most effective way to do so. 1. Each enemy and the player is a separate scml spriter file. I'm not sure if this is doable but I see a problem occurring with Grapple moves as I'd have to animate the player and the enemy separately and then assign coordinates within Construct while the 2 animations are playing together to make sure they are lined up correctly. This seems a little complicated to get them lined up right. I'm also unsure how well multiple spriter scmls will work. 2. Each enemy is a Separate Entity within the player SCML ultimately only using 1 scml for all enemies and the player. This way I can have triggered animations that spawn the player and enemy to interact with one another and I don't have to worry about things lining up right. This seems to be the easiest way to do it. Is it possible to have 1 scml file that can spawn its different entities on screen at the same time? Also, wondering if this will complicate Character maps as I have a lot going on with the player character and plan to also use these to create differential enemies. Any Help is greatly appreciated, The most important part for me in this is the character maps being maintained after the interaction is over, say the player breaking free from the grapple, it doesn't change from what it originally was without some crazy code that accounts for each part that has been swapped. Thanks.
  5. Can you use the character map Feature with Unity? I havent ever used unity, but I guess you could achieve the same effect if you can access character maps in it.
  6. There Might be a Better way, but I did this in C2 for Shoes and Hair using Character Maps. Basically the character would load as default facing right, and I had a checker check to see if it was Mirrored, if she was mirrored then It would append the CHar Map to be the one with the Hair on the other side. I did it for Missing shoes as well so if char was not Flipped and right shoe was off the checker would have that char map but when she was mirrored it would swap to the character map that displayed the left shoe off so that it looked like it should. Then of course it appends back to default when not mirrored. Like I said there may be a better way but this worked for me.
  7. Im trying to figure out how/why this happens so I can prevent it, Basically as an example lets say I have 1 Right fist Sprite, some where along the way after I made about 20 animations and load into C2, C2 lists there being 3 different Right hand images labled like Rhand_000 and Rhand_001 and Rhand_002 So now I have to sift through each one to figure out which one Im trying to effect. If there a way to collapse them back down into just the one image name? Thanks.
  8. is That ( between the *and1 on -20*(1-scml correct? it wouldnt let me input that string as is, and when I deleted the ( it made all kinds of slow down noises. Thanks for the feedback.
  9. Hi, I set up some sounds in spriter as the Tutorial videos show, I then set their volumes in spriter. When I imported them to Construct and set up the Sound trigger event as shown in the tutorial, None of the volumes I set remained, instead all of the sounds play at 100%, is there a way to get construct 2 to refer back to the volume levels assigned by Spriter or do I need to manually lower each sounds volume level in a separate audio program before using them? Thank you.
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