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  1. Update: I can now launch Spriter Pro from Steam. Thank you for your assistance. For the record, I did as you asked and attempted to run the free Spriter. It gave me the vcomp120dll error that is mentioned on the page you linked. After re-installing Visual C++ from the link on that page, both Spriter and Spriter Pro launch normally. I just find it odd that there's no pop-up to let me know what was happening in the Steam version of Spriter Pro that kept it from launching. But at least the issue is resolved, and I'm grateful for that. Thank you again.
  2. I feel bad about this, but I hadn't used Spriter in a long while, or even logged in to Steam. I decided to open it today. It automatically began downloading updates. When the updates finished and I clicked launch, nothing happened - no error message or anything. I checked the task manager - no spriter. I restarted the computer and tried to launch from the start menu and from steam - No message, no spriter. I launched sprite lamp just to see if it was something wrong with launching apps from steam - sprite lamp worked. I uninstalled and reinstalled spriter. Click launch, no spriter, no message. It says spriter pro - I'm pretty sure I purchased it as part of the Humble GameMaking bundle a long time back. I hope we can get this working. ~Kristen
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