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  1. I've just launched a free web/Android app, a "point and click" adventure called "Drained." It features quite a few characters and without Spriter I'd still be drawing frames by hand. It is undoubtedly one of the best purchases I've ever made. URL: https://tenterhook.net/drained Screenshot:
  2. In October 2015 I started developing a web-based platform for creating "point and click" adventures. One of the things I dreaded most was the tedious process of creating character spritesheets. In August 2016 I found Spriter and I cannot fully express how grateful I am. I'm not going to claim my animations are good -- they're not -- but thanks to Spriter I was able to create basic spritesheets and save a TON of time. I'm sharing my links below but there's much more work to do. My journey with Spriter is just getting started. Platform: https://tenterhook.net Sample adventure: https://tenterhook.net/play/35/the-path-to-paradise
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