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  1. Exactly what I'm thinking. Not a legal expert myself but it does seem like a legally sound approach.
  2. You're unfamiliar with basic detective work, bwwd, Heinz never mentioned it, it was a checkmate question. You're shooting yourself on the foot here.
  3. To be honest, what bothers me the most is how the video has (at the time of this writing) 716 views and 1045 likes. I mean, how can you like without viewing? Maybe someone more tech-savvy can explain this particular phenomenon. Youtube used to freeze video count just when a video becomes viral in the past but it was usually frozen at 300ish views or the infamous 301+ while keeping like/dislike count real time. But it had been updated with a more real time solution as of 2015. There have also been occurrences where the view count drops by glitch, so I really don't know.
  4. BUG: copying/pasting to all frames (ctrl + D / ctrl + shift + V) will revert z-order of any newly added sprite to the top. I usually quit to *really* save the z order, any sprite added after open project/program start suffers this bug.
  5. thanks, skins function is working as it used to, maybe even a bit better I think.
  6. already did that a few days ago through 'contact us', still no response. @lucid should I inquire to specific email address? any targeted release date?
  7. Admins please either tell me when is it going to be restored or how do I activate older version if I bought from steam.
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