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  1. Thank you Brash! I managed to successfully animate the way I wanted. I was missing a little detail that is HOLDING right mouse button, not just clicking it.
  2. Ok, guys, this is my first "my work" post here. I am creating a game called Piece of Sheep and the main caracter, as you can imagine is a sheep. I am a programmer, not an artist, so I am prototyping this thing with my limited art skill set. Please, be kind. The animation is idle, but I'll have to make run and jump for this little guy and other 20+ different sheeps, After the prototype is ready, I'll probably hire an artist to improve the graphics This is the gameplay prototype.
  3. My spriter acquired from steam doesn't show the words "pro" or "essentials". How can I be sure wich edition I have?
  4. Lock a bone tip to enable the user to move the other bones by IK. I need this to help make four-leged animals idle animation. Lock the paws and move only the body.
  5. Hi everyone. I bought Spriter Pro a while ago on a Humble Bundle and only now I have decided to learn how to use it. I drew a simple sheep for a new game I am planing and and I am struggling to create the idle animation. I'll probably have problems to create the other animations too. I managed to make the sheep blink and move the head slightly with success. The problem is basicaly how to keep the pawns of the sheep on the ground and move only the body to simulate a slight movement of the animal standing still. Is it possible to "lock the paws" on the ground and move the body wit
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