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  1. "Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (version 0x50401) with this library (version 0x50501)" The program never starts, it just dies with that error. This happens with Spriter R7(64) in Kubuntu 15.04, just as it happens with R6.1(64), as I have posted in separate thread. Can someone share experiences in Ubuntu or any flavours of it? Could the developers please kindly provide minimum requirements in the Download page in case there is no solution for this problem? Thanks!
  2. After some experimentation, I did not have much success. The best I had was to get Spriter running but when I tried the menu "File --> Open " then the program just crashed immediately, with the message in the console: Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (version 0x50401) with this library (version 0x50501) Aborted (core dumped) For whatever is worth, just to mention that I got this "best" result, after just putting back the libQt*.so* files in the same directory as the Spriter executable. And then I collected the ldd information, to compare with what I showed in my first post. It
  3. Hi Lucid, Thanks for your prompt reply. A quick aptitude show libqt5gui5 tells me : Version: 5.4.1+dfsg-2ubuntu4.1 Upgrading now to 5.5.1 could be cumbersome, as the current latest package for 15.04 seems to be that one; I would prefer postpone that experiment for now; I am still, nevertheless, trying a few experiments, like setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH and 'export LD_DEBUG=bindings' to see more details about the symbols. I'll post my findings if I get anything interesting. This is a troubleshooting that I am not very familiar with, but I am trying my best, reading all what I can
  4. Just an update. After some research, I found a post of a similar kind of issue on a different program , and got curious. I managed to make some progress by moving the *Qt*.so.* libraries to a separate directory --which seems to force Sprite to use the system's Qt libraries. So, first I run this command, from the Sprite directory: mkdir QtLibs && mv *Qt*.so* QtLibs And then run ./Sprite. The program actually started, asking to select an option for the updates, but when I selected the default option and clicked OK, the program crashed (closed) and gave the following error:
  5. R6_1(64) (Free) doesn't run in Kubuntu 15.04 Two kind of errors, one easily fixable, but the other not: 1) Permissions. The downloaded Spriter_free.tar.gz package has several libraries (lib*.so and lib*.so.*) with wrong permissions. While the majority of them have permissions 755 (correct), some like libsteam_api.so among others, have permissions 600 (i.e., only rw for owner and nothing for others) or 664 or even 664. If we unpack Spriter_free.tar.gz in our $HOME directory and then copy the resulting directory to e.g. /opt/, then when we run Sprite like so: /opt/SpriterR6_
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