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  1. Hey everyone, I posed this on the Construct Forums but wanted to try here just in case. - man, Spriter is really so cool and I've enjoyed using it for a long time now. I've been working my way back into game design this year and trying to jump back into a project I had to put on hold a few years ago. The project worked pretty well in C2, and I transitioned a lot of my major sprites to Spriter with some great results. I spent some time today prepping and getting everything ready to port over to Construct 3, and ran into a few issues when I realized that the problem was the runtime! So I got rid of some deprecated objects and turned on the C3 runtime. I'm getting some pretty weird results. Hoping someone can help me out! The main issue is that for whatever reason, certain parts of my animations are rendering with some weird anti-aliasing/blurring. I'm not sure if there's a sampling setting that I'm missing or what. I'll post some side by side comparisons for C2 and C3. (C2 on the left, C3 on the right). What's weird is that, in certain layouts, everything looks totally normal! See below - Here's a boss battle from later on in the game that was pretty epic thanks to Spriter (seriously, it's so rad - even without the final graphics) and for some reason in C3 even though the character renders correctly in this particular room, the boss is completely garbled. here is a blank project with just those particular spriter objects dropped in, using the default retro settings and the pixel perfect checkbox checked., just to make sure it wasn't me or my ported project. Maybe it's a problem with the C3 runtime nearest neighbor? Some parts of my sheet aren't even rotated or scaled or anything, and it looks like (in my opinion as a graphic designer) it's trying to resize to like 99% or something. I would appreciate any help I can get... I want to finish this bad boy, but I don't know if I can until I figure out what all is going on here. Thanks!
  2. Awesome! I've been playing around with Spriter and I'm about ready to start implementing it in one of my Construct 2 projects. Do Texture Atlases work on Construct 2? (that's probably a n00b question - thanks so much)
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