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  1. It's a Parblo coast GT22. http://parblo.com/parblo-gt22-hd-tablet-monitor
  2. I hope it can be worked around as it's really inconvenient to have to uninstall and then re-install. The thing is, also, that I don't have a Wacom tablet. I have a different one that is Wacom compatible in programs. So it works if the program is set to work with Wacom tablets. So I wonder if it's generally, for all tablets that artists use.
  3. Well, that was it. I uninstalled the tablet driver without the tablet being plugged in and spriter starts without a single problem.
  4. Well I worked my way down the list of msvcp100 fixes and I arrived at the bottom where it suggest I install windows afresh, and yet there's no actual mention of msvcp100 as the problem. So I installed it as presented there and Spriter still doesn't work, stopping short of a new windows install.
  5. Unfortunately yes, I did. I have followed and installed the two 2013 redistributables, and it hasn't helped. I uninstalled spriter, and uninstalled all of the visual C++ redistributables that were on my system, installed just the x86 2013 version and installed spriter. No luck. Uninstalled spriter, installed the x64 redistribution. Installed spriter. No luck. I have win7 64 bit 16 GB memory, 4GB Gforce 740 AMD 8320 CPU
  6. I have the same problem. This is the only error box that pops up.
  7. Yes, I wasn't sure after looking around last night. Ty for the clarification.
  8. Sorry, I see that it is just the essentials then. It's the art packs without further purchase, that we get automatically with Spriter pro. I bought spriter pro, directly from here
  9. Hi, I hope it's not a forbidden thing to post in older threads like this, but it's relevant to the adventure art pack. I can't find the bat or other creatures listed as being in the pack. I found the goblin, and the male and female adventurers, but no other creatures. Where would they be please? I have spriter pro, and the packs that are for download with spriter pro. Is it just one of those sprites not included with the essentials packs?
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