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  1. How up to date is the Unity implementation in the repository? Its readme still states that development of it is on hold.
  2. Is it possible to get spriter to save image files of the project (the ones visible in the files tab on the top right) even if they are not used in any animations or character maps? Would be really useful so I have a list of all files available to the spriter project at runtime when I load the project file.
  3. The library seems to apply some transformations to positions and related attributes (it doesn't go with the Spriter coordinate system directly). For example, the y axis seems to be flipped in both positions and the pivot points, and I'm not sure but it seems like all objects are translated to the bottom and right by half their width for some reason, even though the pivot point in spriter is defined in the top left. Is there some information what kind of transformations are applied exactly? I need it so I can switch out single images in an entity with images that have different pivot points than the one currently used in an animation, and I need to transform the pivot points of those images (defined in Spriter) such that in the end the positions match the state as if the images were in fact switched out in the animation itself. Then again, an easy way to switch out images at runtime would be good, too (not with character maps, otherwise you'd need to create one for every single variable image you have for each body part of an entity).
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