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  1. About the error, as I said before, I messed up with the register ("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Windows\Errormode" and changed it to 0 instead of 2), it only made windows skip the error dialog with Spriter still crashing. The weird thing is that I restored it to its original value (and then rebooted) to get again the dialog and check if the error was the same on the exe than on the shortcut as you advised, but now the dialog doesnt show and Spriter just shuts down (The Spriter window barely shows, blank) Thanks for the link, I'll look into it although I dont have mu
  2. @lucid Sadly, it didn't work....weird! Thanks a lot anyways!
  3. I hate to insist, but I'd like to test Spriter before the current 75%-off sale I saw on Scirra.com expires (Roughly a day left) and logically I wont spend money on something that doesn't even load to me. At full price, while being a fair price is out of my budget, so....please help me become a paying customer! It seems that Spriter tries to load from some hdd/partition that doesnt exist...wich makes absolutely no sense. I am the only one with this problem? Thanks!
  4. Hi, Im seriously considering purchasing Spriter, so I downloaded the free version to test it around a bit, but when I try to open Spriter I get this weird error message (My system is in spanish, so the rough translation would be "Disk error") While Im aware this may be an issue with my computer and not Spriter, I use a lot of different programs all the time and so far this is the first time I see this error, and I would say my computer is clean. No matter if I click cancel, retry or continue, Spriter just closes afterwards (The Spriter window is visible on the background, but blank)
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