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  1. Where can I find this plugin for Photoshop?
  2. Thanks for addressing the posts on steam as a result to my inquiry. It is truly appreciated. I bumped up the question I asked that never got an answer concerning 3rd party format support. Please have a look. Ill post it here as well for others that are curious. Spriter 3rd party support - psd (photoshop) & ai (illustrator) I know we can import our pieces via png's and such, but will spriter ever work with these files directly? I would really like to use vector image formats rather then bitmaps or quasi raster formats at times. Especially for complex effects or cross platform distrib
  3. The dev support on the steam forums seems to have withered. Should I be posting to these forums instead?
  4. No need to apologize about not being able to provide a time table, I just wanted to know if it is coming so I can begin work on what I can with an idea of where the software will be going as this will determine how sprites are established. You also stated that you could not give a time table in the steam thread. I understood completely, and I am grateful for the quick response! Dont worry about the troll in Steam, I just didnt want the question to remain unanswered due to the multiple responses of nonsense that followed.
  5. Smart bones / Dials (dont know if this is already in the works) Example ~ https://youtu.be/Pt26XaQzAhk?t=2m1s
  6. FlynnUOGM

    Smart Bones

    Good day everyone! I posted a series of questions on the Steam forums but ran into troll issues, which I dont have time for. In my steam post I asked about manipulation of sprites for facial expression. I didnt explain it well enough the first time but was shown some amazing features that did answer some related questions. The up and coming features I saw in the response from the dev team was amazing! Though it was not what I was trying to inquire about. It was my fault for not being specific. To the point: I wanted to know about the possibility smart bones / levers / dials might be introd
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