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  1. hello, here is my first original game made using construct2 Choeur de Grainies, drag and drop your character on the scene and listen them singing. they will take levels during the song winning golden stars and golden notes wich can be used to unlock others characters and make your chor bigger. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blackantmasterstudio.choeurgrainies
  2. Done, and you can test the debug session at this adress Choeur de Grainies worls better by this way finally.. so it means the prblem comes between construct export and Intel xdk right ?
  3. so, i made a simple sprite of 32 x32 , with a simple animation, should have this on my ipad screen (this is the debug screen on windows): have this on ipad no doubt possible, spriter objects are simply not considered on IOS.
  4. yes of course, and as usual they are sending the problem to spriter forum, but it seams i'm the only one how is trying to build to IOS with spriter i don't get enough interest on the forum
  5. yes, i know that point but i'm working on next gen games, also in the optic to push the limits and not be constrained by technology limitations. And this project is only based on animations and musics, soo i can't give my players little animations and it works well on android, i don't see any reason why apple can't handle that
  6. ok, let me some times to clean everything and have them ready with a scale of 1. i tested exporting images from spriter to frame by frame but it's clearly not the solution, construct is evaluating the amount of memory used to 2.9 Gb with this technic. so spriter objects are the best way to keep quality animations. i will try square images for sprites
  7. i'm also wondering:- majority of my spriter objects characters have a scale size at 0.7, can it cause a real impact of the memory ?- could it be better to export my animations from spriter to gif and then import them as frame from sprites ? (i assume that if i want the same smoothness and fluidity, i'll need a lot of images)
  8. scirra answerred me that the only tool i can get is the debugger from construct2 wich is very limited... does it seems high value to you for a mobil game ?
  9. is there tools to watches memory usage of an application on android an d ios ?
  10. no, the build is tested on samsung and other mobile android devices via google play. sprites are small, and works normally the screen size is 1024, 640 pixels so the sprites are all smaller than that. for my ios, i make my build using intel XDK, and download and install it via itunes.
  11. Hello, i made a little test on my project, wich simply consist of spawning spriter objects by cliquing on a bouton. it works perfectly on windows as you may have seen on the forum, but on IOS there is 0 instance created. it seems that it simply doesn't works on IOS i have no more infos about why. i also made a change by spawning a spriter object every 2 second, but nothing appears
  12. Hello, i m actually working on a debug process for my game and i fund it fun to instanciate over 635 Spriter objects in construct without any lost of performance !
  13. thanks for your answer, it may be the size of the images, i will have to check everything.
  14. Hello, i made a game using construct and spriter, it works nicelly when i test on local machine, but after building it and installed it and android and ios i have an issue: on android, the game just crash at the end of loading on ipad, the game starts nicelly, problems of sounds that doesn"t lunch before i touch the screen, but it works, and then in the main game scene, when i drag and drop my sprite it should create a spriter object, but it doesn't. it cause some bugs in the game play after that . is there anyone that having some problems like me ?
  15. Hello, I'm often confronted to this problem while working on animations, maybe is there a way to do it another way. concretly, i'm doing my animation normally, then when i want to add some cool FX, i'm adding sprite were i need them, usually i manage simple fx with only one or two additionnal sprties, but for one of my animation, i have to manage multiple sprites that will spawn and pop during the animaiton. the problem is that working by adding a sprite during the animation will automaticly destroy it on the next existing frame. this is really annoying because i have to recreate the same sprtie on the exact same position, rotation and scale to continue the animation of this sprite and do the same for all of them... so, is there a way to manage it efficiently? thanks for help
  16. Hi, i recently get a crash when building a Gif animation form my work in spriter, and so to save me time i experienced the way i could use sequence images as reference . and then following the tutorial i fund here, on this forum, i get this feedback to you: why not behing able to active onion skin between animations ? that should be really awesome and more accurate for this kind of situation, because the actual method is better when you drop the sequence in an empty animation, or it will be droped on top of existing setup, and to move this sequence to the topdown Z order, it's ok when you have 3 /4 images frames, but not for 187... So using the onion skin between animation may be more clean visually and may also allow to change the alpha from the entire animation and working the final animation oàn a second animation layer, that will help at the end too. because the actual method to delete the sequence, is also terrific when 187 images were presents, it shows 187 unused frames in the timeline. i hope this dream will come true in the future !
  17. hello, it looks interesting, maybe we can work together, here is my website, we are not only doing 2D, but also 3D feel free to contact us! http://blackantmaster.com
  18. actually it's really complicated to see where you are moving a key when you grab one and try to position it somewhere in the timeline. a simple popup wich indique where the active draged key is could be nice
  19. it's completly different the way the frame are computed in spriter are in milliseconds, right? i made a test, and by chance i succesfully get my frame by dividing by 100 compared to spriter frame number so a frame at 1000 in spriter looks to be in frame 10 in construct. maybe just a luck on this spot ^^
  20. Hello, while making some spécial animations, when sprites can appear or disappear, i would like to know how i can can the frame to reference it into construct ?
  21. tony from blackant amster studio. we can produce high quality sprites and animations for your games. http://blackantmaster.com Jump in 3 separated steps
  22. it looks strange that it doesn't work for you, i just used to import my first spriter project inside unity, and then got everything correctly.
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