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  1. Hey I just downloaded spriter from steam and have been playing around on it all day, it is awesome and easy to use except one problem, when I first tried to export my project as a gif file spriter crashed and this message came up: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Libary runtime error! program.... m files \steam\steamapps\common\spriter\spriter.exe this applictaion has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. please contact the applications support team for more information. someone on steam suggested uninstalling and then reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++ which I did, I then reinstalled spriter and started a new project in a new file, this time no crash and message, just a crash "spriter is not responding" a small portion of the gif gets made but it has an odd border along the bottom and the rest of the animation isnt present can anyone help please kind regards Chris PS: I am using windows 8, i3 4th gen processor, 8gb ram, png files for the images that make up the animation and the animation works fine in spriter itself. I am not very computer literatre so sorry if I am just making a stupid mistake
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