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  1. I saw that just after I emailed you, I feel a bit thick now. Thanks for the help anyway.
  2. Hi Mike. I've emailed you the files. I'm using Spriter 5 on a Windows 10 pc. The animation shouldn't be bigger than 96x128, I've checked to see if a rogue part has moved away making it bigger but I can not see anything. I've also used an old animation that I've made sprite sheets from before and that does not export anything either. I've attched the settings.
  3. Hi, I have been having problems today exporting sprite sheets as well. It has always worked in the past but now when I save them, there is nothing there, no file at all. The png files I have been using are 96x128 pixels so I don't think there is a size issue. It doesn't even save each frame as separate png files. I've even used an old animation that I've used to make sprite sheets with in the past and that does not work. I'm taking part in this weekends Ludum Dare, hopefully I can figure out a solution in time.
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