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    Hello Spriter animators!
    I am a modder for the game Don't Starve, and Im in a bit of a rut.
    I'm creating a mod that has a nemesis octopus as an adversary of the playable charecter I am making. In early rough stages of developement, I realized, the art direction and the animation direction where going in two different ways. SOOOOOO... I started working on the animation aspect first.
    I have the animations working pretty much the way I wanted. But now, I am having extreme difficulty changing the octopus tentacles, to look like tentacles (they are currently just different colored spheres) I still have one or two animations to create, but it's pointless if I can't get through this part of the project. (I've been working on the project since Febuary, and this particular part for the last 2 months)
    So I'm asking, would anyone out there be willing to help me? I can send a zip out for anyone to take a look at the project to see if it's worth there while to help.  Below are the images


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    RedRock911 reacted to bwwd in Please post feature suggestions here.   
    you have to learn shortcuts for now, there's list over there and its also in spriter itself, go to help menu on top and you have shortcut list , or press shift + ESC:
    I prefere to use shortcuts because i work faster with them but i understand when you start with program and youre afraid to press keyboard not to ruin your work, but undo is ctrl+z you can always do that if you screw something up.MEnus and tabs are good when you start but theyre very irritating once you know how stuff works, menus are wasting a lot of time, too many clicks to change simple stuff.
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