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  1. Oh I do learn the shortcuts! I think everything is preference. You know my particular issues, and for me I need a GUI to stare at with options. Especially when I don't know a lot about a program. In saying that I don't need to know everything. Take GIMPS tools windows as an example. You have an option to what tools you want/need depending on what you are doing, and you can dock them into one nice menu. I really like that. And I know it's not necessary, but it would be a nice feature.
  2. 1. Really want a toolbox. I like the hot keys, and the help menu with the shortcut keys, but I really would like to see a dockable tool box that I can click on when I want to use the deformation tool, hide an object, or make changes in the curve editor. alot of times I sit there trying to click on the timeline, trying to bring up the window, and it doesnt show up. I'd rather just have a little box, with a curve editor image I can click on to make it happen. Or a button in the tool box to create or delete a bone. I can think of a million options I'd like to see. I'd really like to see a forma
  3. HA! got it, for now, I replaced all of the older versions with Pro, and deleted the mod tools old free version. My fear is that whenever those tools become updated, I'm going to have to go around and redo the steps.
  4. I bought Spriter Pro sometime ago. Trouble is, I mod Dont Starve, which has the old free version in it's modding tools. I bought Pro through Steam. When I purchased it, I didnt recieve an activation key, it just installed the new Pro version. So now I have this wierd thing going on where Spriter Pro isn't my default program to open up scml files. I think my solution is to just activate Pro, via the help menu. But where do I get an activation key? I cant seem to find it anywhere.
  5. I have spriter pro, I can do it in files that seem to already be using the feature. But if I wanted to use the feature, the options arent there on projects ive created. It might be me just being new and not knowing how to set up my menus, but I am not seeing it. and no, I have no option that states drag as sprites or skins. :-(
  6. How do you even use it? I cant seem to figure it out. I dont have a "tools" option in my window, and I can't seem to find anyway to actually use any of the experimental options. are they implemented yet?
  7. I did that in a sense, with the spheres, I think the only option I really have is taking those spheres and shaping them into the tentacles by stretching them. I did create some smaller tentacle parts, but it looks terrible (to me anyways) That and the fact the Don't Starve engine doesn't support bones, things tend to get nasty when you use them, so animating is a pain (thank the gods for onion skinning!)
  8. Hello Spriter animators! I am a modder for the game Don't Starve, and Im in a bit of a rut. I'm creating a mod that has a nemesis octopus as an adversary of the playable charecter I am making. In early rough stages of developement, I realized, the art direction and the animation direction where going in two different ways. SOOOOOO... I started working on the animation aspect first. I have the animations working pretty much the way I wanted. But now, I am having extreme difficulty changing the octopus tentacles, to look like tentacles (they are currently just different colored spheres) I stil
  9. I was asking because I was working on a project for the game dont starve, and I'm looking for some help with a custom creature for my character I created. (I have a few that I am working on) I have been working since January, self teaching my self basic lua (which don't starve uses) and of course spriter. So I was looking for help to speed things along, and see if I could find some help out there with the current animations, to make them look a bit better. If your willing to help send me a pm. It's flapjack from the misadventures of flapjack. I'm trying to make animations for his nemesis, 8 ar
  10. Looks Awsome! Are you $$ only or do you do free stuff?
  11. I apologize for the miscommunication on my part, I should have known better. I am using the Spriter Essential Edition b5 on windows 7. The animations are for Don't Starve which atm does not support bones. All modding for Don't Starve is done by altering pivot points. (and yes, its a nightmare, every frame for common animations are copied over, or there are disastrous results) Yes I watched the quick tip videos (which are amazing btw) But of course my largest problems are the lack of support for bones in Don't Starve (and by no means a Spriter issue) ' Nonetheless, I could really use the hel
  12. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but how do you edit a pre-existing animation? I need to realign a head piece for the game "don't starve" but when I copy then cntrol+shift+V (paste) it only pastes the new position and the animation seems either lost, or deleted.
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