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  1. Okay so I have try with Grey Man,Goblin and the Bat. I already have the configuration set up prior. When I open a sprite from one of your packs and I save as scml/scon file in the same folder it will not show up into construct 2. I have to manually click "Apply" in the configuration on the new files before I do "save as" otherwise it wont apply those settings, if that makes sense.
  2. Ah I think I found the issue, so when you open a sprite from one of your pacts.. =I already had all the custom save settings enabled, however UNLESS I click "apply" again for that specific sprite and save it as scml,scon file it will not save it with those custom save options.
  3. Can anyone please explain to me how to add 2 sprites in construct 2? I am able to import 1 the player sprite in however when I add a second spriter object into it, the second one will not show up in the window. I have made sure everything is checked before saving and I have saved both scml, and scon files in the same directory. And this brings up my second question is .scon files used anymore? I was watching the youtube videos and they seem to use a older spriter and construct 2 versions.
  4. Yea I might be incompetent, cause none of that really made sense. And the "save as scaled project" I have no idea where that is I only see "save as resized project".
  5. Okay so I added the sprite to my project and it was way to big so I resized the spriter object to 30,30 but how can you even figure out the actual width to match the "invisble square" its suppose to be set too?
  6. I know this is a year old, but is there a way we can get a update, because there really isnt any explanation on what pro features are.
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