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  1. This is great, tx so much guys!
  2. Hi, there is any way to make a sprite to move in a circular motion? I couldnt found a way to do it, and i was unable to found a tutorial around this tx!
  3. hi, tx for the response!. It's the set object scale? I found it at night, but i couldnt found my own post to let you know it was resolved, tx again! cheers!
  4. sorry to post in this old post, but i want to resize a spriter object inside c2, is that possible? tx.
  5. Maybe this is possible right now, im using spriter for a few days... im implementing a custom curve, that i need it for other objects too, it will be great if i can copy paste that curve somehow, if that is possible, can anyone teach me. tx and cheers!
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