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  1. Yeah, the 'snapping' is what I mean. Not transitions between animations, but between keyframes of a single animation. For example, having the arm of my character snap instantly from one location to another, rather than smoothly animating between. This works if I manually edit the animation curve to be constant. Spriter also does it with the 'Instant' transition type. However, it doesn't look like the importer preserves the transition type, and will always result in smooth transitions.
  2. Are transition types implemented? It looks like it ignores curve types. For example, trying to implement a quick an instant change from one position to another, but Unity will always smooth the curve between the two. I am working on modifying the importer for it, but was wondering if I am just doing something wrong.
  3. Very cool. As I integrate Spriter into my own Unity project, I will try to send merge requests for anything I add. Any idea how difficult it would be to add character map support? Since the Spriter philosophy on that is to have the game "apply" the character map, I imagine Spriter2Unity would need to add a component to the root prefab that has some CharacterMap operations, like which ones to enable. Depending on what gets enabled, it goes and modifies the sprite renderers. Thanks!
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