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  1. inkbug

    Using Spriter animations in Construct 2

    Hi Spriter guys, I have encountered an issue with the Construct2 plugin, version "1/7/2018", wherein the action "Set C2 object to Spriter object" would only work for one instance of each in a given layout. Meaning, if you have one Spriter object with an action point, to which you want to pin a single C2 object, it works well. But if you have multiple instances of either, no amount of 'pick' conditions will enable attaching a particular instance of a C2 object, to a particular instance of the Spriter object: C2 will attach one C2 object to the last Spriter instance and ignore the others. As I understand it, the crux of the problem, is that plugin will search for a C2 'object type' not an instance to attach. I have attached the C2 runtime file, with the workaround as implemented by our game developer. Hopefully you can work a fix of your own for this into the next version of the plugin. Thanks. runtime.js
  2. inkbug

    Spriter R3 Bug Thread

    Sub Entities Issues: The Z-Order Window and Opacity. OS: Win7 Hi All. Not sure if this is the place, since sub-entities are not fully developed yet, but here goes. My project has two entities: one for reference, one for the actual new animations. I can import my reference animation into one animation, and then use that animation as a sub entity in another. So far, no problem. Once the sub entity is in the new animation two issues occur: Changing the opacity of the sub-entity object does not always effect the opacity of the sub-entity's content (that is, only the control widget's opacity is effected). When the sub entity is in an animation with sprites, the Z-Order window will sporadically change from showing all objects, to showing only the sub-entity - the hierarchy windows seems to function normally.