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  1. I'm sure you've seen this in Toonboom, they have stretchy bones: http://docs.toonboom.com/help/toon-boom ... leton.html#bones_4253544452_1031318
  2. Thanks Lucid! Can't wait to see it. Playing through legends it seems like every animation they build has deformation passes as standard, such a nice result.
  3. My main hope for a skinning/deformation system is to achieve Rayman Legends style animation : limbs and torsos are constantly squashing and stretching to wonderful subtle effect. I'd pictured being able to deform by moving bones too: move the hand base to stretch the forearm. The main title on the game with it's coiled vine silhouette animating seems like it would be deformed by a coiled chain of bones.
  4. PS: I'm on latest beta 8 and windows 8
  5. Thanks for the great app! I've only just started using it and discovered a few things. I hope the bug report helps, and apologise if it's already been logged. Multi Screen Sprite Pivot Edit Bug: When I load up spriter, it likes to only appear on my primary monitor on windows. I move the window over to my Cintiq (second monitor is a tablet) and maximise. I think double tap a sprite in folder explorer in the palette to change my default pivot point for each sprite. The little black dialogue appears on my primary monitor rather than my secondary, and I can't sort it myself as it has no grabbable
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