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  1. Hey, your website says, the c3 Plugin has not yet been ported to the c3 runtime. Now Scirra announced that the c2 runtime will be suspended this year. I know you guys are working hard on Spriter 2 but will the c3 plugin still work after the c2 runtime is suspended?
  2. ok, I realised that I should use png-files with the same size, then it should work. Thanks for your reply
  3. Hey there, first of all I love Spriter, its absolutely great - a little buggy sometimes (I already had the Save-Bug :cry: ) but its still work in progress and you do a great job :D . Now my Question: I tried to use char maps to add a weapon for my char, who had no before. Since the weapon is in the chars hand, I just exchanged the file of the hand. But the hand with a weapon has a different size an appears at the wrong place. I did adjust the pivot-points before, but what ever I did, the new hand was on a different place - but not at the right spot. I already realized, that the program uses
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