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  1. Hi, I want to ask whether this is a bug or not: If I copy pivot and paste it to different image, it only works IF the image is on root level or one sub level. For ex: Root ->Sub1 Result copy: works Root -Sub1 -->Sub2 Result copy: doesn't work I use the latest version (4.1 non Steam). Thanks!
  2. baterism

    B4 Bug Thread

    I forgot to attach the file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/702 ... iFish.scml
  3. baterism

    B4 Bug Thread

    Hi! I have just bought the pro version and so far Spriter is an awesome software :D . However, I got a bug relating to bone I guess. When I use the bone, attach sprite to it, set an animation, save, quit, then when I open it again the bone position is all screwed. After that I decided to make a new one and every thing is normal. I would like to give you the scml so you can check it, but unfortunately the sprite has been edited so it might be not exact anymore. Here, I attached the scml file without the sprites. And for suggestion, I hope you can give border in Timeline area, the keyframes (dot) in the border (first and last frame) are hard to be picked. And... scml plugin in C2 seems buggy in "on animation end" part. Thank you very much. ps: if you want to see my work using spriter, check this out: move using arrow, and in the island border push up to cast rod. It is mainly broken, but you get the idea. Created using C2. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/702 ... index.html
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