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  1. Hi LadyApoLLo! I would suggest you try my fork on GitHub. It has some fixes so maybe you'll get a better result. I put a pull request for NowSayPillow so maybe those changes will be made into the main repo in the near future. If you could post your results (success or failure) here it would be much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for your work. GPL is indeed too restrictive, since it doesn't allow linking to the library without forcing the whole software to be licensed under GPL. It would be much appreciated if you could switch that to for example LGPL or MS-PL.
  3. Hi, again. I have been playing around a bit more with this library. However I just realized that you don't have defined license anywhere. This is something I need to know before continuing to work on this, since I'm planning to use it with a commercial project. We were previously using XSpriter, but your work has some features that are missing from it and much better codebase. I also found more bugs and missing features and have patches for those. Bigger than one liners this time. I tried to create an account at assembla, but it doesn't let me fork and I don't want spend time figuring out why. Tell me if you have preferred way of receiving patches. I/You could put it up at CodePlex or GitHub if the license allows and you are fine with it.
  4. Hi! Just a quick bug report: You should replace SpriterWriter.cs line 35 with: return float.TryParse(p_element.Attribute(p_name).Value, NumberStyles.Any, CultureInfo.InvariantCulture, out p_out); The current version might not work depending on your system variables. Also, I don't think calling SpriteBatch begin/end in sprite drawing function is a good idea since it can be quite a performance sink. This is ofc not the objective truth and you can do as you please. Cheers.
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