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  1. This is from a topic I made earlier with this suggestion. I'll put it here in this post. Is it possible to use smaller animated sprites (made in Spriter or otherwise) as art pieces to attach to larger sprites? Example: If I wanted to create a space marine with customizable armor that had each part of its armor lighting up or moving on its own, would I be able to create the sprite for the armor piece, and then attach it to the space marine's bone structure as an (animated) art piece? If Spriter is able to do this, it would help me out so much with my project. I would love it if I was able to
  2. Sorry, I just now noticed that there was a post for featuring suggestions. I'll look through it and see If these have been asked or answered. Again, sorry about that.
  3. Been using Spriter for 2 days now, and I absolutely love it! I still feel there are a few things that can be added to make it better. Here are some suggestions... 1) A toolbar. I understand that hot keys make everything a faster process, but if it wasn't for the manual I found on the forum, I wouldn't have been able to use the program as easily. An icon for creating bones for example would have been nice. 2) Tools that help with precision placement. I believe this could be fixed by adding in an alinement toolbox (like the one in Illustrator for example). 3) Options for background art and/or a
  4. I was going to make a topic about these issues myself but I see Lojza beat me to it. I had played around with Spriter for about 2 days now, and it's just amazing. Everything Lojza mentioned would make this great program even better (As a Mac user, I too am experiencing the exact same issues). On the subject of Mac control input, I have a Magic Mouse (as well as a track pad) and I 100% agree with drag = scroll, Alt + drag = zoom, and that zooming in and out is too fast. I'm still going to make my own post with my own suggestions, but I'm glad I saw this so I'll know what needs to be left out.
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