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  1. @Rurouni I havent looked at that code in about a year. The tool to convert from SCML to lua is written in python, so you should be able to get that working in linux. Is in the tools folder. The xcode project is the moai host. The moai engine comes with a linux version, so you'll want to download the moai_dev git repo and build the linux host, and you should be able to run main.lua in the neco_punch folder without any drama. FYI, all this has turned out to be quite a bit of work to get going. I'm moving away from Spriter for the moment and towards Spine with Cocos2D since thats a more stable combination (moai 1.5 is a bit unstable at the moment)
  2. Is that supposed to be a serious piece of documentation? Because there are quite a lot of errors in that document - considering its pseudocode. There are a lot of references to variables that don't exist, so to try to implement something from scratch using that document leaves you guessing at what have the code should be doing.
  3. This thread is probably a bit old now, but I'm also keen on getting this working under Monogame - preferably on OSX too
  4. Yup. I'm a programmer but I suck at art. Mostly I just try to copy things I find around the internet I like, draw them up in Sketch (on OSX) then try to animate them. My animations usually suck too. I've been working on a puzzle game for a few months so I havent had the time, or need, to work on more stuff
  5. Hi guys, Don't know how many of you are still looking for Moai support for Spriter, but I've coded up a little demo that works with bones. (Though be warned, I just got my sample file working and haven't really tested it with anything else yet) Its based off miletbaker's python script. I don't do python so good, and the data structure in that script really can't pull out the bone information, so I coded up a command line tool in C++. I was originally trying to get the transformations working with matrix math, but it was not quite working. Then I came across grimfang4's work and fooled around with that. While this is probably a bit more stable in terms of reading the xml, I couldn't quite get this outputting the lua format that miletbaker's plugin uses, so I gave up on that approach. I did however steal grimfang4's transform class, which solved my transformation problems. So, the final tool will take a SCML animation that includes bones, and will output a .lua file that can be used by miletbaker's lua code without change. I will update as I solve problems, but this is really just something Im fooling around with, so I'm hoping that anyone who finds it useful will take it and run with it. So here's the git for it https://github.com/baronpantaloons/NekoPunch.git My Scml2Moai tool lives in the tools folder. There is a complete scml sample inside the 'raw' folder, and the final built resource lives in the 'neko_punch/resources' folder (so if you rebuild it, copy the lua file to this folder to get it in the moai project) As a bonus, there's also a custom OSX host that uses opengl. Enjoy... and let me know if you found it helpful.
  6. Im using the pro version of b2 for mac (which I believe is the latest mac release), and its very crashy. I know its still in development, but Im finding for any non-trivial work Im restarting the program every 20 minutes or so. Is there anything I should avoid doing for the moment to avoid crashes. It seems to have the most trouble with undo. Cheers
  7. I really like this program and can't wait to see what everyone makes with it. Its not very good, but in the spirit of sharing I thought I'd post the first thing I made with Spriter. I'm using this little octopus to test the animations in my Moai application. If anyone is interested, I'm using Inkscape to make the vector images which I animate in Spriter. I then pack the images with TexturePacker, which also exports the meta data in lua. I'm using the Spriter to Moai code (https://github.com/miletbaker/spriter2moai) to get things animating in Moai, and I wrote my own OSX host to run the engine. So, with my tech prototype done I can get on with making a game with Spriter. Anyway, here's my octopus... Cheers, Sam Octopus.zip
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