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  1. Hi Guys, Still have problem moving a group of keys along the timeline, now it`s better than the first release when many keys appear from nowhere. If I select keys one by one it`s fine. If I select more than one keys with the selection marque and move them along the timeline in the precise moment I release the mouse button the external keys that define the group selected disappear or re-appear across the timeline in a random position, usually is the right key that have the weird behaviour. hope you`ll find a solution Window 7 Processor I5 8GB Nvidia 670 Have a great Holiday anyway
  2. Congrats for the release!!!, Bug on the timeline for me, The bug is systemic and appear every time. My goal is to move some consequential keys to the end of timeline to create a sort of gap between 2 groups of keys. I select with the square marque many keys on the timeline for multiple selection, so I got it all the keys I want and that`s fine. When I try to drag all the keys along the timeline, new keys appear apparently random, between the 2 groups and increase in numbers if I move the keys further on the right. Sometimes are few sometimes are many depends on the animation complexity. It`s quite frustrating to move every singular keys to not mess up the animation..... Hope you`ll find a solution. Pro - User System processor I5 graphics Nvidia 570 Ram 8 GB Windows 7
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