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  1. I second basically everything Uberlou has said. In particular I've found myself accidentally creating new keyframes all over the place a ms or so out from the one I'm trying to edit. It would be nice if there was a way to copy and paste a bone and sprite group for all keyframes. Say for the instance you have a limb, you animate it perfectly then simply want a mirrored copy of that. I'm currently doing this by moving through every single keyframe copying and pasting the limb/tranforming it to mirror etc. Would be nice to have a better solution for this.
  2. When are you planning on releasing a new mac build? I've got these copy/paste related bones bugs and they're holding me back a bit. Also having issues where undoing sprite bone attached transformation operations is moving them all over the place - hopefully it was a similar issue. Cheers
  3. Thanks grimfang4, I've used those functions to get hold of what I needed. I'm currently writing some basic helper functions for stuff like playing a certain entities animation by name etc. I'll see how my use of the lib goes over the next week or so and then might be able to give some better feedback and hopefully code implementations.
  4. I'll let you know if any of the OpenGL stuff is worth committing. Very basic atm. Is there anyway in the current version to easily control which animation is currently playing or query if an animation is finished for a particular entity? Some animation state control would be extremely handy.
  5. Thanks very much for this grim fang. I've recently almost got it fully working in OpenGL ES on iPhone.
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