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  1. Hi Trixt0r, thx allot for your effort! The desktop version is running like a charm now. But the android version was throwing the ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException again. Looks like the SCML in the android assets is still the old, broken one in the repository. After copying the newer one from the desktop version, I got the android version running too. Would be nice, if you could clean up the whole asset thing in general: Its quite confusing, I found the monster asset in 10 different places.. Damn, my notebook is so slow, I only got 5 or 6 fps -_- in the emulator. Can't wait to get back to my heavy machine back home.. And maybe you could make the switching between Spriter.getSpriter() and GdxSpriter.getSpriter() somehow automatic, I found this in the GDX wiki which should work for that: switch(Gdx.app.getApplicationType()) { case ApplicationType.Android: // android specific code case ApplicationType.Desktop: // desktop specific code case ApplicationType.WebGl: /// HTML5 specific code } (It didn't work on my first try, but I don't have the time to get deeper into right now. Hope you be more successful..) Hope you don't feel like I am complaining, I just try to give some input to make things better. ;) Thx allot again, hope to see more of that great coding soon..
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