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  1. Hi I'm a professional game developer for 20 years and we've just found spriter - and totally love it for our 2D animation needs. And will probably use it for our up coming projects. We like it because it's lightweight, quick and easy. we've read thru the entire 11 pages of feature suggestions and here's our list 1) Atlases - of major importance for render speed e.t.c. - currently we have to munge using a tool we're writing. 2) Generic Triggers and attributes - much like the sounds I guess u have planned - but just having triggers/values for various uses - collision, events e.t.c. 3) Quad mesh weighted blending - for automatic squishing e.t.c when using bones 4) Scripting - exposing internal functions - so it's easy to extend to a bigger feature set. 5) Pre-built Skeletons and Example animations walk/run/jump cycles e.t.c. 6) a Tiny c++ lib to load, render and manipulate animations (blending animations sets - much like slerps and squats in 3D). Yes we're writing our own - but it would have been so cool to have some tiny libs ready for this. I think that if you had 5) and 6) - this sell like hot cakes, coders would love to be able to plug this in quickly and get something moving on the screen with minimal effort. It's great as it is - and we look forward to future developments! Shabby
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