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  1. Hi, We're having a nightmare trying to incorporate Spriter into our project. It seems that the Spriter library doesn't like sprites living in subfolders within the project. So, as a test, we placed some frames in the project root folder, and made an animation from them (http://psygnomi.com/tmp/FailTest.zip). Here we get: Cannot set frameName: ...with each animation frame displayed. Nothing animates. However, if I change line 3575 in spriter.js to this: this._sprite.frameName = file.name + '.png'; by adding the "+ '.png' " part, it works. (http://psygnomi.com/tmp/WorkingTest.zip) If we try the modified library with a project containing frames within folders, we get the same problem. I think it stems from Spriter incorporating the folder path into the frame name, but referencing it using only the filename. Obviously, placing hundreds if not thousands of sprite animation frames in the root folder isn't helpful, and will take many days to re-animate everything. Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks, Mark & Stoo
  2. I found a bug. Click "Save Project As" but don't save. Select Cancel instead..keep an eye on the menu bar. You'll notice the Project filename is cleared and all Object Pivot points are reset to 0. Trying this again. Load you working project back in. If you select "Save Project As" but this time save it as new project file..when you load that project back in you will see all pivot points other than those used are reset to 0. Quick test is to Right Click image switch and the switched sprite image will not be swapped correctly. A side note, absolutely loving the new Snap stuff in the timelime! Nice work!
  3. Great news about the Linux version. I hope whatever it is that has stopped it from running is not too hard to find. I recently went through trying to get the last version running on Linux Mint 16, XFCE, KDE, Cinnamon and Ubuntu Gnome (via live CD) and the executable just wouldn't run, so being able to use it on Linux again is a big big plus for me.
  4. I have the same problem too with Linux. viewtopic.php?f=9&t=15257 When I get a moment I shall try and run previous versions to see which one fails as something has changed on the Linux builds to stop it from working.
  5. Hi, Thanks for replying. No I get the files extracted as you show but upon running the executable "Spriter" I get 2 files appear which contain unrecognisable characters as files names and they're both 0 bytes in size. These files appear after I double click the main executable, though it doesn't run. I'm going to go back to an earlier version and see if I can run any of the earlier builds. I did have it running like a dream using an earlier version of Spriter and on Linux Mint KDE before so I don't know why it would not work as it's a fresh clean install. Will try a few things here and try and take some screen grabs of anything useful that can help. Stoo
  6. Hi, I've been having some trouble running not only the free version but also the latest B5_92_5 version of Spriter on my Linux machine. Linux Mint 15 XFCE 32bit. I am a registered user of the Pro version which I use on my Windows desktop machine 90% of the time. After unzipping the downloaded file, nothing happens when I try and run the Spriter program file other than 2 files appearing with unrecognisable filenames both with zero bytes. I'm wondering if it would be possible to offer a .deb installer version as I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong with the .tar.gz file? For the record I have had it running prior to a recent reinstall from a Linux Mint KDE 13 on the same computer. Any help would be very welcome and appreciated. Stoo
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