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  1. Hey guys, great program from what i've seen so far. But just a few suggestions in terms of functionality. * The ability to delete/set/copy individual movement keys (scale, position, rotate). This would save a lot of re-keying when you want to keep the rotation and position of an object, but completely remove the scale for example. * Zoom in/out time slider by hotkey-mouse button dragging instead of using the mousewheel. Even at 800 frames it can be a bit of a long process to keep scrolling the mousewheel in order to scale in/out the timeslider. Even just being able to use the mousewheel but hold down shift to make it scroll faster would be a perfect solution. * Ability to change timeslider to seconds. Animating on milliseconds is a bit of a pain and can get messy, so being able to lock it to seconds would be great. * Squash/stretch scale hotkey. Being able to hold down a key and scale an object whilst automatically applying squash would be a big time saver (and help avoid losing the volume of objects) * When scaling objects, make objects scale from their center instead of from the opposing edge. At the moment you need to scale, reposition, scale, reposition, etc… * Need hotkeys for forward/backwards a frame, play/pause.
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