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  1. Hi guys ! I am a Technical Artist working for one of the biggest game companies in the world and I just want to say great work ! I love old school platformers and right now I am working with an indie game at home using Unity3D =) I have tried your software and this is just what I need as the sprite creation is really tedious =P Here are my current recommendations for features / bugs. Prio 1 * Working Undo (this is hard todo late in the pipeline so try to get it in as soon as possible), this might already be working in the non alpha build but just in case =P * The ability to animate each part separate/ the ability to add or remove keys on a single part. * Hierarchy based animations, when moving the shoulder the rest of the arm should follow etc. Currently you muist ctrl+click to multi select and if you have several layer / components this is extremely time consuming. For a simple usability just add a ctrl, shift or alt combo to your regular transform tools. You can use the "Objects in frame" order all you need todo is to add a string flag, that the user can write him/her self like a tag. Example: Three objects are tagged "left_arm": upper_arm, lower_arm and hand. By alt+rotate upper_arm the system will look for any "left_arm" tagged objects in the "Objects in" frame hierarchy that sits UNDER this upper_arm object and rotate this in the same fashion the multi-select works now. Prio 2 * hold shift to scale uniform (photoshop) * a curve editor for easier work with longer animations * the possibility to tint parts (a simple inputcolor.rgb*texture.rgb would get you a long way) Prio 3 * a way of exporting the movement as actual skeletal aniamtion (I recommend fbx format as all autodesk softwares can read it) Thanks Krister Larsson Senior Technical Artist
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