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    Great work. I'm a new programmer trying to learn a bit of the art side of game design and just wanted to comment on how impressive your work is. Your sprite work is fantastic and reminds me of the great jrpg era work.
  2. Dang, Im a bit late to the discussion but when I think of platformers I think mostly of Metroid, Megaman X, and the new Super Meat Boy. The animations you are lacking that would round the project out would be: Hanging From Platform Hanging from Wall (Megaman X/Meat Boy Wall jumping) Hanging and moving across rope Climbing a ladder Also I'd enjoy: Spin Attack (Think Link's Spin Attack in Zelda) Some form of power up for leveling or gear (Think Dragonball Z) A Roll to get out of harms way. (Think Super Smash Brothers) A Beast Mode (Either a hulk out or even star power like mario) The last 4 are just part of a personal wish list, but I feel hanging and climbing to be a pretty big part of platformers.
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