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  1. Hey everyone, Is anyone getting an error in the generated prefabs about a "missing script"? I get an empty/broken behavior on any prefab I generate using Spriter2Unity. It appears to be missing out on the script that I copy over from the "Unity Assets" in the Spriter2Unity tool folder (S2U_AssignSprite.js, I think?). This prevents Unity from actually displaying any textures at all when I drag the prefab into a scene. Some information: OS: Windows 8.1 Unity version: 4.3.3 Pro Python: 2.7.6 SCML file: Crabby (from the Spriter2Unity examples) I have visible meta files turned on, point to the right python/scml file/textures folder, then the tool creates all the anim files and prefab. I then copy over the contents of the "Unity Assets" folder into my Assets (so I end up with /Assets/Spriter2Unity with just one .js file in the /Workers subfolder.) Then I copy over the anims and prefab into my assets folder. Should I be seeing more files than just the one .js file in my UnityAssets? Is there any other SDK that I need to have installed (JDK, for instance)? Thanks in advance if you can help. If nobody has any ideas, I'll debug it tonight after work.
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