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  1. I'm super interested in entering this, and might even do so irregardless of my apprehensions, but I've always had issues with voting handled by popularity for something of this nature. If you enter too late, you run the risk of not being seen by the people that voted early. If you're not a known name, you won't get the vote that was sent in for somebody with some online celebrity. If you're not a martian, aliens discriminate against you. If you're brash, monkeys have lucid dreams. Either way, I'm intensely happy to see the progress made with the software and that you guys are throwing around some capital to promote it!
  2. Now that Spriter is released as 1.0 (GREAT WORK!!) is there a cheat sheet anywhere that has all of the current keyboard shortcuts in one big list? The first thing I always do when I'm acquainting myself to software is print a list of all the keybindings to hang up by my desk for quick reference. I'm no stranger to compiling the list myself, but wanted to see if there was already something made up somewhere that is current to the 1.0 features and any changes to the shortcuts that may have occurred between the last time this thread was updated up until now before I took the time to put it together on my own. Looked around in the software's help appendices but couldn't find anything after a quick skim/search of the index. Thanks and congratulations on seeing the development through to the robust tool that you've crafted so lovingly!
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