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    Anyone remember Jade Cocoon for PS1? It is the only monster breeder that would calculate values such as arm length, jaw length, eye size and other traits when mixing two monster together. As opposed to reskinning which you would see in the monster rancher franchise... and every other monster breeder. at 2:37 in the kick starter video, you see code just like this at work! Sure, it can be used for human x human. Also, beast x human. Beast x beast. Object x human. Creative freedom... Could spends weeks just sitting there playing around with that tool to see what you can create. I just wanted to give some positive feedback and let you know that is a really cool feature!
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    Spriter 2: Alchemist Kickstarter is live!

    Thanks Mike. It’s been a long road since I first purchased in 2013. You may or may not remember I built a plugin for Shiva3D way back when, but then they screwed over their developers and basically died, and it left such a bad taste, that I quit the game development industry. Life has moved on, and I’m now starting again in Unity and maybe Godot. I can see an opportunity to develop a Godot plugin, but I’d definitely need to get a better handle on what features and functionality are coming, to decide whether to commit, so any updates would be greatly appreciated. Hope you get the support you need and can push forward to plan. Russell.
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