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    This game will let to you to feel in ancient fantastic Russia. But you should not think that here everything is fine. You are waited by a set of adventures and difficult decisions. Depending on your choice, will depend as you finish that game, the Kind hero or darkness will get into your heart. It is a little about a game. Game is the 2D narration in style of ancient Russia. In it you should make the choice: - Life at the hero only one and from it should be chosen more carefully. After the death of the hero you begin a game from the very beginning. - How do you arrive, will help or will pass by?! But it is worth remembering, possibly it is a trap. - A game pokhodovy and each course is set off as one lived day. - The main subject line will pass in big cities and their vicinities. - Movement between the cities is carried out on means - to Open the world map - to Press the city, available to movement. - The way looks so. Let's say the road takes 3 days, at this distance (between the cities) 10-15 options of succession of events are prepared and these 3 options (day) drop out randomly (a cube throw). Facebook VK
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