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    I would also like to inform that the C3 SDK has some interesting features that you might like to use. Those include, Editor :: Preview. Draw and Preview plugins on the editor. Potentially can be useful for showing and previewing the initial animation/frame of the Spriter Plugin even while on the editor. Custom Importer :: Drag files to import into Construct 3 and make events, objects, instances, container and families automatically like on Construct 2. Drawing :: The C3 SDK already had drawing features available on the initial release. So, by now, it is stable enough to be supported. And a few already made use of it. There are probably a lot more. But I recommend you guys checking it out yourselves. Thank you in advance. -Chadori_RebornXD
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    I just want to close this, as fixed. Thanks. Reference: https://www.construct.net/forum/construct-3/general-discussion-7/test-spriter-c3-addon-7-2-upda-130240/page-5?q=scml
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