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  1. Hi and welcome to the board. Animation looks good so far. Meshdeform is not as needed as you think. It makes things a bit more slow to finish without the feature but doable. Just slice up everything in parts. For things like clothes add some cloth pieces and frame independently each using linear tween (starting point to end point, easy peasy.. so you dont need a gazillion frames just for a little cloth moving(one of the most powerfull tools of spriter imho). For swapping parts control the transition speed so it does not look wonky. You can look at tombmonkey's work here, extremelly good without deforming feature (I tweaked his work to learn). I can say with practice now that mesh deform is not needed in my case (faster to finish works, yes but not indispensable)). Dont forget that meshdeforming feature in other programs is not always possible to export 100% to game engines (in data format that is the most convenient memory wise). Cheers.
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