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Alex R. Podgaets

Looking for 3D artist/animator

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I'm making a 2D game with 3D characters. The game is freeware and opensource, I have a Patreon to pay for its art.

Each character represents a character class and comes in a few models. Each model is animated in 8 directions with sprites made at 10 fps - entering, exiting and one cycle. Motions include running, throwing, cheering and so on.

For example, this is Yogina: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1eq1SllOLng1NUv7-sDc95IK9c430rSmO?usp=sharing

There are also Sportswoman, Agent and so on - up to 15 in total.

Main reason for not going full 3D is that roaming a world implies modelling a lot of items while in 2D they can be drawn. Still, I hope my game will have enough freedom for people - most items can be ised in 30+ ways ^_^

I have a fixed amount, and a bit of crossroads whether to request more animated models, or less models and more animations

If you're interested please educate me on prices so that together we can specify exact task

Thank you!

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