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Problem: AnimationClips in Unity with SpriterDotNet


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I´m currently trying to import my spriter animations into Unity 2017.

I imported all the unitypackages and dragged the folder with my scml.data as I was told in various tutorials.

But neither an animation controller nor any animation clips (for example walking.anim) are created like they are in the grey guy example.

Currently I don`t find any solutions for whaat I can do, but I saw in this post:



that Konckeri solved it adding

UnityAnimator animator = gameObject.GetComponent<SpriterDotNetBehaviour>().Animator;

UnityAnimator animator = gameObject.GetComponent<SpriterDotNetBehaviour>().Animator;

assignment in  script and to use the Spriter.asset.

But I don't know what that means... I created a new Script and added that line but I got this error in the compiler:

"Can't Find UnityAnimator" (missing)

Thank you very much!!


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