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Spriter JSON(.cson) format

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I'm making an implementation for Game Maker Studio (100% GML code), no extensions/libraries like DLL or Java

For now I've tested on Windows and Android and the next things works:

Can load .cson files and sprites(images with pivots), all on Included Files. and can load from a string(with this maybe can be used for HTML5)

Render all sprites in the first frame of an animation, if has bones, don't have correctly transformations(positions,scale,rotation)

I have to interpret all data from .cson file, I look some things weird like the pivot_y of images are inverted from 0 to 1 like if it's 0.7 it's changed to 0.3, and the position of images Y it's negative value if it's 150 in the file it's -150 or if it's -160 in he file it's 160, but if has bones it's changed to relative transformations

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